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Stibo Accelerator uses the Metaverse to grow talent

Founded in 1794, Stibo Systems is building its Corporate Metaverse with SynergyXR to help university students from all over the world innovate and share their research.

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How XR is transforming vocational education

Using SynergyXR’s Extended Reality (XR) platform, Svendborg Vocational College in Denmark is enhancing its educational programs to inspire a new generation of students.

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Grundfos’ virtual onboarding accelerates learning

Grundfos uses the SynergyXR platform to onboard and teach employees from around the world about the magical journey of how water flows from the ground to the house.

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Sanovo finds the perfect solution to maintaining machines

As international airspace quietens down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, local businesses proceed as normal. But international companies with production facilities spread across the globe are working under conditions that are far from ordinary.

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